Thank you for coming to our first annual Trunk-or-Treat! We had an impressive turnout, with 32 Trunks, over 500 Trick-or-Treaters, and over 18,000 treats (~120 Costco-sized bags!) handed out. We loved seeing every single one of you there, and hope you had as much fun as we did!

Please take a moment to fill out our post-event survey, so we can start planning on how to improve this event next year. 


Thank you to those who made this event possible!

Treat Donors Generous Somerset families and our local corporate donors: Boys & Girls Clubs (Bellevue), Costco (Issaquah), Safeway (Eastgate Plaza), Target (Factoria), and QFC (Factoria).

Trunk Hosts

Alison Boda, Bana & Matt Miller, Blanca Reyes (GSA), Carina Luo & Chong Ding, Carter Dunn & Steph Lee, Cathy Elder (Principal), Christie Atofau, Christine & Kevin Evans, Chu Chen & Yan Guo, Emma Hao, Ge Xu & Gang Huai, Howie McOmber (Small Hands on Art), Inna & Brian Stabile, James Martin, Jiatang Dong, Jixiao (Vivian) Ma, Kayan & Cody Hargreaves, Grandy & Le Au (Cub Scouts), Lin Zhang, Meng Yang, Michael Altfield, Nikhil Gore, Peggy Wang, Eileena & Puneet Khattar, Randi Roth, Sandy Lin, ShirleyAnn & Dan England, Tejas Deshpande & Neha Kamat, Xiaofei Wang, Xin Qu, Xiucai Zheng, Yiyi Guo & Sandeep Sen and Marie Vieth (Somerset Community Assoc.), Yuan Huang, Yueyan Wang, and Zhaoqi Lyu (Think Academy).

Event Volunteers Bin Hu, Christie Atofau, Chong Ding, Cindy Wang, Cristina Iocolucci, Fan Zhang, Joanna Yang, Jun Shen, Mari Bisson, Sarabjit Judge, Shan Shi, Shengjie (Misa) Zhao, Xi Chen, Yingqi Zhao, and Yunfei Chen.
Event Chairs Bana Miller, Eileena Khattar, and Stephanie Lee

Thank you all for your time, commitment, and generosity; we could not have held this event without you!


And finally, the winner of the Best Trunk award goes to...

Congratulations to Trunk #1, hosted by ShirleyAnn and Dan England! Your trophy will be delivered to your student's classroom to take home.



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